Transition from Clinician to Scholar
Address challenging problems in nursing science and impact change and policies on a global scale.


UT Tyler’s MSN to PhD in Nursing program provides an immersive online learning experience. As part of the prestigious University of Texas System, UT Tyler offers student leaders the opportunity to advance their health studies. You can explore all realms of culturally-sensitive research to guide an evidence-based practice. Upon completion, step into the world as a nurse educator and researcher and contribute to the advancement of nursing science.

MSN to PhD in Nursing


NURS 6310 Philosophy of Science
The origins and development of philosophy and science are explored. Includes analysis of current state of the science, ways of knowing, models of knowledge generation, criteria for causation and argumentation.
NURS 6312 Theory Construct/Evaluation
In-depth analyses of theories and models applicable to nursing science. Concept analysis to support development and critique of conceptual models will lay the foundation to guide programs of nursing research and development of nursing projects.
NURS 6320 Data Management
Strategies for management of quantitative and qualitative data are analyzed. Data management software packages are utilized for the creation and analysis of data files. Primary and secondary data sets for research are managed.
NURS 6322 Advanced Statistics
Students will study advanced statistical techniques in health care research together with discussions on the corresponding research designs. Topics include various types of general linear modeling, multiple regression as well as non-parametric tests.
NURS 6324 Advanced Multivariate Statistics
Students will study advanced multivariate techniques in health care research and apply aspects of complex research designs and advanced statistical techniques including logistic regression, multiple analysis of variance and factor analysis.
NURS 6330 Quantitative Research Design
Conveniently supply empowered infrastructures whereas client-centered sources. Synergistically exploit high-quality quality vectors for excellent scenarios. Uniquely reinvent intermandated imperatives with unique partnerships. Proactively engage client-focused.
NURS 6333 Qualitative Research Design
Advanced quantitative research that integrates methodology, design, measurement, analysis and interpretation.
NURS 6337 Advanced Research Design
Theoretical, methodological, and procedural aspects of data generation and measurement are presented. Measurement theory, concept operationalization and instrument development and testing for both qualitative and quantitative methods are explored.
NURS 6339 Mixed Methods Research
This course provides an introduction to the emerging field of mixed methods research including research designs, strategies for sampling, data collection, analysis and integration.
NURS 6342 Scholarship in Nursing
Elements of professional presentation, writing for publication and grant writing are examined, including exploration of priorities for funding and publication. Scientific integrity in grantsmanship and dissemination of knowledge is emphasized.
NURS 6350 Research in Transcultural Health
Research issues within a cultural milieu are explored. The emphasis is on building a community of nurses who lead through the use of culturally relevant scholarship, knowledge and technology to improve the health status of diverse communities. Differing world views that shape the delivery of nursing care are acknowledged, recognizing that research undertaken in one culture can have consequences and impacts on another culture.
NURS 6352 Healthcare Policy Development
The role of nurse leaders in research to shape health care policy is explored. Impact of economic, socio-political and other forces on policy formulation and access to care are considered.
NURS 6660 Dissertation
Original research contributing to the body of knowledge in nursing is conducted under the direction of a major professor.


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